Ava Max - Call Me Tonight [Official Lyric Video]

Ava Max

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    1. •stupid flower•

      1:10 - 1:17 my favourite part

    2. cruiseri23

      Oh my God this is IT. The Best song. I'm waiting for video clip

    3. Turbo Grafx 16

      This had potential of a single.

    4. olgert karafili

      SUPER, super

    5. beby hb

      love this song

    6. zmvĸ moлo̤ ńo̤tvyĸð.

      I still prefer Jodie Rocco's version.

    7. hush

      The best debut album ever !


      Oh baby you can call my tonight ❤️❤️❤️❤️ call me tonight

    9. Felix Maxov

      Неплохо, но ожидал большего! Скатилась в меланхолию... Как же, не теряй себя! AVA MAX и Африке Ава Мах)

    10. NormanJ Gomez


    11. NormanJ Gomez


    12. avatar.thailand

      เพลงดีมากกก เอวา🥺 รักนางงงง

    13. NormanJ Gomez

      You got me thinking..💙

    14. charlie botero

      A is for awesome V very talented A amazing

      1. charlie botero

        M magnificent A always entertains us X x- extremely good voice

    15. Shayhnur Hamitov

      миллион тысяч лайков, не болей, радуй нас часто

    16. マスタージェダイ

      Ava is gorgeous, beautiful, and the greatest singer.✨👑✨

    17. Lemon tube The official

      Fav song✨✨✨✨

    18. Hargun Kaur

      Ava is better then ariana Grande because she sings GREAT and her voice is great

    19. Tiago Misser

      my favvvvvv

    20. David Freeman

      somehow i need you to sacrifice me to satan okay im the devils slave.... just put a 139 in my brain and then ill have permission to die by the doctors

    21. Dylan W

      Amazing I love it I think she’s queen of music Well done Ava 💯👍🎶

      1. Dylan W

        Я согласна Она фактически просто 🎉

      2. Екатерина С

        У неё замечательный вокал✨

    22. anjo2

      Hi Tonight

    23. melissa0755

      I'll never get sick of this album

    24. Alex ShLX

      Песня просто огонь.

    25. yOu're nEw boyfriEnD ;)))

      Bet this gets recomended in 4 years later

    26. Mugelbbub16

      I had this song stuck in my head and it's so annoying

    27. Dayse


    28. possumbly

      the album is such a masterpiece 🥰

    29. Inocêncio Domingos

      Amazing album.

    30. Kiara Virág

      I love you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😅

    31. anjeza qushku

      Omg! Total shock!. I have been hearing Ava Max song for the past year and "call me tonight" is the one, gives me goosebumps. Curios for more, just typed on Google about her, and there it is, Albanian/Shqipetare origin. So Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa and Ava Max come from the same ethnicity, so proud of u all!!!!

    32. Mike Haas

      All I can say is wow

    33. NormanJ Gomez

      OMG I love this! Driving through the drive thru DD girls love when i come because i have this hot music in my beautiful machine..they love you and so do i 💙

    34. Abderrahman Boh

      😍😍😍😍 c'est vraiment bien 😘

    35. dian rubianti

      This song melody is Dian Rubianti's private home art owned by Dian Rubianti "call me tonight" by Ava Max composed and created alone by singing by Dian Rubianti as a song melody as private home art.. orisinil gold version by Ava Max (presenting/according to original version by Dian Rubianti) X

    36. Ghost300c Ninety

      Ava good luck with the future god bless or what ever your beliefs are ☮️.

    37. Vergenea Calma

      i love you so much AVA 😘😘😘 I LOVE YOUR ALL SONG🥰🥰

    38. dian rubianti

      This song melody is Dian Rubianti's private home art owned by Dian Rubianti "call me tonight" by Ava Max composed and created alone by singing by Dian Rubianti as a song melody as private home art.. orisinil gold version by Ava Max X

    39. Bernarda Trgovac

      Omg souch brutal good song.... Love it for sure my favorite.... I just wish grab sam guy nd dance yahhhhhhh😇😇😇

    40. lana shatava


    41. Chris Pretorius

      why is this album being slept on :( plz make this a single xoxo

    42. AvaMaxQueen4Life


    43. Sean Rov Del Rosario

      So beautiful song 😻💟 period

      1. Robel rion Del Rosario

        Hi son

    44. BTS ლ BUTTER

      La voz de Ava max es lo máximo

    45. J Balvín. José Álvaro Osorio.


    46. Bellabunny 225

      My poor hearing sang the lyrics wrong I heard are you sure are you pretty are you nice lol 😂.

    47. Szabolcs Tőzsér

      Fav! Thanx Ava! Super song!

    48. Daniel Frost

      This song is literally so fun omg

    49. Magda Lena


    50. Oskar Lipka

      Skrrt skrrt

    51. 99

      Okay, your digits please?

    52. Elle Chan


    53. Elle Chan

      This is my fav

    54. Kiara Webster


    55. luki asigo

      My favorite singer is ava max. ANYONE ELSE?

    56. Amanda Borges Cruz dos Santos

      Preciso saber tudo sobre ela, agora mesmo 😍♥️

    57. Amanda Borges Cruz dos Santos

      Virei cadelinha dessa mulher, puta que pariu 🛐♥️✊😔

      1. well rodrigues

        maravilhoooosa ela vei, tenho todqs as musicas

    58. Marco-spaceTV

      Magnific song!!!!

    59. Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax


    60. JOVICIX

      is there any ava max song that's bad? i'll tell you.. NO!

    61. Nilaanjana KN

      Anyone noticed that all Ava Max songs she writes herself have baby in it?

    62. Hạnh Hoang


    63. Aesthetic Flowers

      Omg, i love ur music❤️❤️

    64. E G

      This is like P Diddy and Keyshia Cole’s Last Night. A mashup would be dope!

    65. Delyla Alger

      Ava. Slip slippin off my versace, New York party.

    66. Aneta Pach


    67. Kristýna Vosmeková

    68. Popi

      Just 2,5 mil ???

    69. Siti Fatimatus zahro


    70. Maria Rinta-Rahko

      Her songs are perfect.

    71. Gunn•ay

      Her voice is perfect 💌

    72. John Tashjian

      This is an amazing song and it has only 2 mil views? Much better than Dua Lipa who is way overrated.


        TRUE. :(

    73. Norah ibrahim

      This is such a good song. Music video???

    74. Nico Rentero


    75. Roch

      lindaaa kawaii

    76. Asier Oribe

      Who wants the official video^v^ I love her songs EY-O😍🥰

    77. Carlos Collazo


    78. Davide Dentoni

      Good women's day Amanda❤🌻💐

    79. Артур Тимеркаев

      But g an takes US into anyway

    80. renu udhlani

      ❤ ava max or tonight

    81. Sara Vyas

      A moment of silence for the 382 people who accidentally clicked the dislike button.

    82. Imane Bd

      Best singerrrr!!💕💕

    83. Томазо Торквемада

      Мне очень нравиться эта песня. Почему так мало просмотров непонятно. И клипа видимо уже не будет ((

    84. Dmax Vgs


    85. moe fear

      i know ava ain't as bright as she paints herself to be... but usually she's waaaay deeper than this

    86. Abc Grewal

      Why the hell I Know her name..

    87. Neto Mendes

      27/02/2021. Br aqui disponível.🇧🇷✌️🎧🎶😍

    88. samitha dissanayaka

      Wow this song is my favourite.. And you are my favourite singer also ava max♥️♥️

    89. Sefry Labib Ofanny 1

      My favorite😭

    90. Vij

      This girl should get a million awards already, she deserves that and so much more! Love u Ava!❤❤❤

    91. Jeslina

      Just imagine how dope it will be if the entire album is mv


      Here list of my favorite women singer top to bottom : Britney spears Whitney houston Shania twain Celine dion Kelly minogue Jenifer lopez Rihana Lady gaga Carly rae jepsen Ava max

    93. Klodi Vesho

      Ava you is my favourit singer i love your song 🥰 Madje ti je nje nga kengetaret me te mira ne bote.🥰😍👩‍🎤👩‍🎤

    94. Y O U N G

      She say "call me, babe" or "call me back"? 2:37

      1. grateful

        i think its call me baby

    95. Klaudia Zdybka

      hi! if you are reading this, i encourage you to search youtube for "best Ava's songs". I created a playlist in which I put the best - in my opinion - Ava's songs if you find it, I hope you like it

    96. Guillém Cambra Picado

      Ava max calll

    97. CrystalCherry

      Happy Birthday Ava! I Love You So Much! 😍

    98. Lily bostic

      Ok let me get this straight Her name is ‘Tonight’? And his name is ‘Hungry Eyes’? Lol

    99. Jini Vlogs

      If you don't know my nane, you can call me tonight Woo smart

    100. Luz Alberola

      My favourite song 😁😁❤💛💚💙🧡💜🖤💖