Ava Max - Sweet but Psycho [Official Lyric Video]

Ava Max

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    2. Felix Maxov

      Ты охненная Мах...более точного определения у мну нет!

    3. Felix Maxov

      Я уже 3 года тебя слушаю, Пока ..не надоела! Не может надоесть, Хороший, красивый голос AVA! Невероятный, голос Матери нашей!

    4. Mohit Kumar

      Amv of noragami brought me here

    5. Ayşenur aslan

      nerdeyse hiç türk yorumcu yok şarkıya bayıldım

    6. 804 李昱瑩

      I really love this song and Ava Max


      I am a big fan, your music change my life!!!

    8. Vilma


    9. Vilma


    10. Vilma


    11. Vilma


    12. Vilma


    13. NormanJ Gomez


    14. asma mubasher

      Asma Mubasher

    15. omri Zubary

      That's the song that introduced me to Ava and it's still my favorite song of her

    16. Libor Zahumensky

      Jsem sice starší,ale melodicky je to vymakané☺☺

    17. Eyzel Julea Dayon

      why is this not receiving millions of likes ?? I really love the tune and melody of this song.

    18. Huawei Prime

      Talking about demon ?

    19. Sujay Krishnan

      Probably best theme song for Harley Quinn

    20. Play and Talk with Sean

      Wait.. What the heck does "Grab a cop" mean. It's kinda creepy since it's a psycho The psycho be grabbing the cop and burning him😂

    21. Joe Torres

      Perfect song to close out H&H. 👏🏻 Sums up the overarching idea of duality that the album explores sonically.

    22. Lemonade Skies

      1:41 Why did it skip "your head" there

    23. Bubbles

      I think it's really ridiculous that she is copying lady gaga !! Doesn't she have any ideas of her own? It would be cooler if something new lands on the music market!

    24. C/\RLOS


    25. o balcer

      Ava all your words are always so powerful and made ma a different person love you xxxxxx💖💖💖💝💖💖💝💝♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💘♥️💘♥️💘💗💗💗😻

    26. Pedro Renato Torres de Lima

      my heart is beating for you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍, love you Ava Max, you are the best singer of all kisses kisses and more kisses 😘😘😘😘😘

    27. Sity maysaroh

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    28. Ickhsan Wira

      Isabela guzzman

    29.  Faeriebelle ꒱

      fun fact: you are reading this comment right now. also, you read till the end.

    30. riz_ records


    31. Mary Ob

      who’s all here in 2021? 👇

    32. Leah Dale

      I love love this Song

    33. Karisse Seymour

      All this time I've been singing "she's poisoned the daisy" when I'm suppose to be singing "she's poison but tasty" 😭

    34. Irene-Maria SANDULEASA

      No she wont she has things at her mic so thats why she sings good

    35. Arianna Patino

      litteraly everyone watching this - in bed -reading the coments - vibing

    36. Lydeeah Kosden

      i cant beleave i heard this but i dont know this song

    37. Frozenology Elemental

      If New album is darker like Fame Monster, Ava Max will be absolutely the new Lady Gaga.

    38. Andrea Camayo

      Alguien más que hable español que este de acuerdo conmigo que esto es arte, y Ava max debería tener mucho más reconocimiento Simplemente increíble me encantan sus canciones🤩

    39. Yashiko BSP


    40. Paradox Newbie

      Ava Max is psycho lol joking*

    41. Mikhail Hoque

      My brother said you ripped the tshirt😂

    42. Nathan Lee

      These lyric videos are fuckin fire holy shit, best lyric videos I’ve ever seen.

    43. fãrhêéñ wãrdåh

      On yt this has litterly so much hate but this song is in billboard CDs and DVDs and hot 100s

    44. Nickianaava

      STREAM AVAS NEW SONG ! vidron.info/club/video/08fPg9G4zsmmoaY.html

    45. maxi


    46. Alyssa Woo

      Better lyric video than the original a 💼 with a kitchen 🔪

    47. Emin Paçacı

      Ava's beats are for those who don't like the new songs which feel nothing but a noice.

    48. Neto Mendes

      06/11/2020. Um Brasileiro passando por aqui.🇧🇷🕪🎧❤

    49. Joselyn Jurasevich

      i love the animation on the word Psycho!

    50. Santurn

      So is this about a masochist and a sadist?

    51. Sarah Adawiyah

      Me:heard this song in a mall My search bar: pretty but psycho Then i found this lol,I'm new to her song

    52. tato

      I just found out, 3 years later that’s it’s “At night she’s screaming” and not “and now she’s screaming” Wow

    53. Kerrie Dyke

      ur not on ur own xxxxxx

    54. Enu Ada

      I love this song but whenever I hear this song I remembered the daughter killing his mother by stabbing

    55. Dick Jonker


    56. Рита Иванова

      Its real city on moon!

    57. Casper Play Game

      huh sweet but a psycho iam just psycho and you be my queen loco 😁😁🤭🤭

    58. Lady Galadriel

      The “grab a cop gun kind of crazy, she’s poison but tasty” is my favorite part. I just love everything about how she sings it and how the music sounds.

    59. S a b a

      It's amazing !!! 😃💙

      1. Carmel A

        Saba M vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    60. S a b a


      1. Carmel A

        Saba M vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    61. Gowther 10 commandments

      This has to be her best song ong

      1. Carmel A

        Gowther 10 commandments vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    62. Bernardo Tamayo

      1:40 ???????????????

      1. Carmel A

        Bernardo Tamayo vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    63. Huda Fayaz

      my sis's fave song

      1. Carmel A

        Huda Fayaz vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    64. Paula

      Still missing the comment on how magical the background is. Together with the music you just dream the day away!

      1. Carmel A

        Paula vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    65. Dianne Kristine Cañete

      This song is really good 💖💖💖

      1. Carmel A

        Dianne Kristine Cañete vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    66. Rafa Rfz

      മലയാളികള്‍ ഉണ്ടോ 😁

      1. Carmel A

        Rafa K vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    67. floquin '-'

      Oh omg

    68. Rose Redmayne

      This 3 year old song still feels fresh and fun

      1. Carmel A

        Rose Redmayne vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    69. Aamna Kulsum Gacha


      1. Carmel A

        Aamna Kulsum Gacha vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    70. Dubuyni


      1. Carmel A

        Dubuyni vidron.info/club/video/pc2lnb3Mx5iVmpE.html

    71. Al

      Let's face it. TikTok distorted this song.

    72. 𝙮𝙢𝙞𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖☏

      vim pelo evento do roblox kkkkk

      1. novis

        @muito foda S

      2. muito foda

        Um fracasso ne ksks

    73. miriã borges


    74. EDUARDO DUDU Gamer


    75. Soma Briggs

      I love this song its so addictive I LOVE YOU AVA!!!!

    76. •rip-tide•

      i’m here from gacha

    77. Simone Brindicci

      i realized u have an event in roblox right now, cool :)

    78. BruhChickenTho

      vidron.info/club/video/27HQgMzPtbjTY6o.html why not 🤷‍♂️😷🤪🐔

    79. PY PN

      I love you😘😍 I'm Japanese and I don't speak English very well😶

    80. Venice Angeli DC

      The song is amazing, the font is superb, and the visuals.. Are magical and suits the sweet but psycho vibe so well!! One of my faves up to now

    81. Kukuh Saniaka

      Issabela guzman

    82. It’s Me

      Isabella guzman is watching...

    83. Angy Bermudez


    84. AnifunnyBe


    85. Sandra Redel


    86. Sonakshi-L

      I'm 13 , can someone tell me Concept of Heaven and hell ?

    87. Sofiane Soso


    88. Arts, crafts and Avni

      I love you ava!! ❤️❤️ Your voice is soo amazing! U deserve to be as famous as Ariana Grande and Billie eilish!!

    89. Fabio Febres

      I'm from Venezuela, i'm writting this in English so that most people understand that no matter if this song gives you nerves or a little bit of chills, You love it and you can't deny it.

      1. Nicki Here

        Fabio Febres vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    90. Thiago Gusmão

      Ava, entenda, você é extremamente lendária! 🇧🇷🤍🧡

      1. Nicki Here

        Thiago Gusmão vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    91. Dhwani Shah ✓

      "I pray whosoever random person reads this become successful and achieve everything.."!❤💛💛❤❤💛

    92. Admiral Goketsu

      Best song of Ava Max for me

    93. Nolaida Jaravata

      Hahahah I remember ISABELL GUZMAN

    94. RIAN VLOGS

      Ava max u re my favourite on my t shirt it is written AVA I love u ava so much , I am Angel Beniwal my phone ringtone is of u r song Plzzzzzzzzzz ava u re my favourite model from the whole universe U re best U will rule on this world U re voice is amazing I am sorry if u got hurt I said I have voice like u not better than u Ava plz I might crying to meet u ava plz I might u r big big biggest fan in this world love u a lot

    95. ღ choi Nayuri loveღ

      Is perfect 💜❤😍

      1. Nicki Here

        ღ choi Nayuri loveღ vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    96. Daniel Feng

      Sweet but psycho? Interesting and here we go again

      1. Nicki Here

        Daniel Feng vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    97. Johnny Boy

      The song that put her on the map, but she will NOT be a one hit wonder. Mark my words. She has many more amazing songs on this album, and her singles that aren’t on the album. I get sick of people saying she’s the “sweet but psycho girl” or the “new gaga”. She’s AVA, and she’s got plenty of other fantastic music.

      1. Nicki Here

        Johnny Boy vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    98. Dede Siti Salamah


    99. Douglas Ferreira

      Listen to ME GUSTA- Anitta feat. Card B & Mike Towers

      1. Nicki Here

        Douglas Ferreira vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html

    100. Joaquin Avalo

      La conozco desde esa canción, desde ese día se que está es mi canta te favorita B)

      1. Nicki Here

        FOXY fnaf vidron.info/club/video/uNTFfpjW2cDXhsg.html