Ava Max - My Head & My Heart [Official Lyric Video]

Ava Max

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    1. Han Nguyen

      i like it

    2. Kaya Meller

      The only brass band cover of this song ! 🔥 Check out in search tab: Ava Max - "My Head & My Heart" / Groove'n'move feat. Leo P

    3. christopher rigault

      Ouaahhh quel putain de musique

    4. TAB GAMES

      Ariana needs to see this!!!!!!!!! ❤️&👤

    5. fatima natividad

      the lyrics cant be read well...

    6. Davut Kral


    7. John Fontanez

      I love all versions of this song, I love her voice she’s under rated

    8. Ayesha Afzal


    9. Brooklyn Menchenton




    11. Roby Tintori


    12. Atelja Ati

      wow 🥰

    13. Jarin Tasnim

      this song is wholesome... i don't know why she is so underrated 🥺

    14. Laurent Pierrard


    15. Laurent Pierrard


    16. Niki

      Ava you are fantastic my favourite music wow 😍😮😊🎧✨👏🏻❤️😭😘😘🦄😊😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    17. Zeesh A


    18. Frederic Reid


    19. Michael michael


    20. Javier Anguís


    21. Дима Олесик

      ATC- all around the world

    22. Ayesha Afzal


    23. Lucas Pledger

      Your the best keep it up ava max

    24. Freddy M99

      "Can we have all around the world?" Mom: "We have all around the world at home" *All around the world at home:*

    25. sebastian field

      Just - la la la la la - It goes around the world Just - la la la la la - It's all around the world Just - la la la la la - And everybody's singing La la la la la - And now the bells are ringing

    26. BlackPink Stan


    27. reinaldo anrrango

      la laa la aa lal

    28. Emzo

      sounds like la la la

    29. Nuu Sun

      Trash, what a way to make such a mediocre ATC remake, just scream instead of sing

      1. avatar

        It's called sampling And Ava max just wants to bring back the old legandary song and wants everyone to remember old songs

    30. muhammad falih

      Duplicated by atc around the world.

    31. Пашган Про

      Ava Max: WHAT you love? Ariana Grande: Minecraft is my life! MINECRAAAAAAAAAFT!!!

    32. Ace2020

      This song just makes you feel like your on hoilday x

    33. Zofia Bo

      I Love You

    34. FVC12

      Its like a Jenifer Lopez song

    35. Ayesha Afzal

      I Love dis Song and is my frewid

    36. divaymd

      I’m your biggest fan

    37. divaymd

      I love this song

    38. sebastian field

      This song are very lovely I can not stop singing it now. :)

    39. Серафим Ефименко

      Крутая песня

    40. Mia Pixie

      I love it!😘

    41. Natalia Nowakowska


    42. Djlion Of Ceylon

      This song is a sample of the song All around the world. It was my fav song of all time. And this is even better. Love this soooo much.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    43. Azucena Piceno

      At first I thought it was dua lipa who sung this but her voice is so beautiful

    44. AHMAD *H

      Who wrote ava max nananan? 🤣

    45. Kefka VI

      vidron.info/club/video/rLXYgL3KzL7MmMw.html 12 years ago

    46. SKRÓTY PL&Games

      you sing beautifullly

    47. Gemma Mcloughlin

      Every time it goes la la la la I be like it goes around



    49. José M

      I like it❤️ i am fan😜 and your style is so pretty

    50. MysteryGirl Music

      I did a cover on this!!! So, if ya'll could plz check it out!!! Thx!!!

    51. KLOSE FIFA


    52. Fourlok0

      "If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it." - Matthew 10:39 I will pray for you, Ava. Jesus always wins.

    53. Chrisdead 27

      This is a song to get up and dance on a happy day because "Head" is wanting too but "Heart" says "Dance".

    54. Rayna travis

      I love the music of Ava max👍

      1. Rayna travis


    55. Avantika Dubey

      I am indian and i love g This song

    56. søs mondrup

      Woah so amazing song Ava Max i love all your songs i Wish i was so good to sing like you

    57. Mia_Valentina1012

      I’m singing this for my talent show

      1. Mia_Valentina1012

        @x simon7 Tysm

      2. x simon7

        I hope it went well

    58. Ani E

      Lyric video. Cant see lyrics.

    59. tortoiselover

      Reminds me of towie

    60. • Cinnamon Sugar •

      I do hip hop dance and this is one of our warm up songs!!! It’s SOOOI HARD AND TIRING BECAUSE THEIR IS DO MICH MOVEMENT!!! But I love this song and feel free while listening to it!!😘😍😅😁🤩

    61. gleb pavlov

      you are a great singer

    62. Naomi Williams

      Love it this song loving inspiration


      Mk ultra clon

    64. Tolga Deniz Mantaş

      We love 90’s

    65. Cesar Manuel Ramos Baumann

      Alguno de habla hispana por aqui?

    66. Everto Ashton

      I can't stop hitting replay. 🤗

    67. 村上清名


    68. kadson reis

      Love music ava 🥰

    69. J O-G

      Reminds me of Teen Titans

    70. Zenoviy Veres

      This is amazing

    71. Olympic Master

      Both the worst (useless) and the best lyrics video ever.

    72. Bαɳαɳα Sυɳԃαҽ

      There’s a guy who invented google. Another created Amazon. And there is a woman who invented shlong hair.

      1. Blep

        @i am same-

      2. elena

        @i am right

      3. avatar


      4. i am

        Not me thinking shlong is something else

      5. Bαɳαɳα Sυɳԃαҽ

        @cecak gabut lort sounds like a fungi virus

    73. Dương Anh

      your song is very good 😍

    74. xx xx

      lmfaoooooo you stole something good and made it terrible bozo 💀👎🏻

    75. ProPlayer_PT

      Ava Max. feat rehab all around the world remix 🔥🔥 lets make this happen

    76. Van Tran

      i'm from VN

    77. ThePartyPandaz


    78. Umut Can

      TR 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    79. Nora Gergely

      I love you it! 💖

    80. Alain Durello

      Je déteste charleville et boutancourt

    81. Hajnalka Mohači


    82. ekrem arat

      Very very best cover song

    83. Jack Rid3r

      love it....😍😍😍

    84. kiran Sunner


    85. Beam TheBeagle

      ❤️ Я тебя люблю ❤️

    86. Beam TheBeagle

      Ля ля ля ля ля весь день я напеваю 😃❤️👍

      1. Beam TheBeagle


    87. Sonia Teodora Istrate

      Sooooo cooollll

    88. zaza mirotadze

      1,25X speed and similarity level is increased.

    89. Shauntel Clark

      The homely stepson expectantly shiver because rainbow informally listen a a racial statistic. ashamed, miniature kitty

    90. Bratu Georgiana


    91. Bratu Georgiana

      She is beautiful!!!

    92. Rušija Coli

      I love this song

    93. ashli jones

      Nice remake!

    94. blackruby

      Can we talk about how epic the animation is?

    95. Rebecca Portaleone


    96. unicorn_clara9

      The real title song is Around The World (La La La La La)

    97. Brent Morris

      Awesome lyric video! so creative

    98. theMAZASEK DER_im_Rollstuhl_

      Cooler Sound am Anfang.

    99. Leb91han

      Love this one 👍

    100. iAmeer