Ava Max - My Head & My Heart [Official Music Video]

Ava Max

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    "My Head \u0026 My Heart" Available Now
    Download/Stream: AvaMax.lnk.to/MyHeadMyHeartID

    Director: Cham La’Donna and Emil Nava
    Executive Producer Kirsten Arongino
    Head of Production Ryan Palmieri
    Producer : Seth Levin
    Choreography: Charm La'Donna
    Director of Photography: Ross Richardson
    Editor: Jen Kennedy
    Colorist: Aubry Woodwiss
    Beauty Work: Nick Gregorio

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    2. Ian

      prob most sexual music vid i ever watched, besides Maroon 5's misery

    3. Tuana Yazici

      Good is it 😘❤️

    4. elif13 güney

      Ava Max is truly a legendary singer.Every time I listen to her songs, even on the worst day of my life, her voice, kindness and beauty cheer me up. A star with unique talent. I'ts my favotite singer. ❤ The only thing is that she stole the song "Around the world" 😭😞😤 vidron.info/club/video/rLXYgL3KzL7MmMw.html

    5. Zaza Tinkerbell

      Is good beautiful 🥰💗🌺

    6. Fanmusic Awards - Full Albums

      This is the part when I say I WANT IT!

    7. Moonlight Ari

      Why nobody talk about that shes copying "All around the world" ;-; (thats not hate i love ava.)

    8. ReYzOr

      Всем привет от Моргена и элджея LOLLIPOP

    9. Hulalala

      vidron.info/club/video/zJWpksK1m63JprY.html vidron.info/club/video/rLXYgL3KzL7MmMw.html

    10. nikos altas

      this porn has a weird stolen music :D

    11. Abelle Paladines

      La nueva Cristina Aguilera 😚😍😊

    12. Adnan Karabiber


    13. Andres D

      i'm fan, will fight til the end for your supremacy

    14. Goku bap

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH this song is so perfeeeeect 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

    15. Greco 100rd Prime Minister of Canada


    16. Miniween

      Maybe its time to make ur own shit and stop sample

      1. ❀Stan Ava Max❀

        Wtf she literally just sampled 4 songs🙄

    17. ᴀᴠᴀᴛᴀʀ ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴᴋᴏᴄɪɪ

      She's completly a queen

    18. Coub Bro

      Old guys now this song :)

    19. VINICIUS

      Samples de Around the world (ATC) LA LA LA

    20. Carolina Catalán

      Mujer tóxica

    21. R E B E L W C

      Recién descubrí está canción y se me volvió adicta, ya es mi favorita.

    22. FrozenMJ

      Ok this girl definitely got my attention as soon as I heard ATC Around The World! 😍😍😍

    23. Lowen Moran


    24. Kaya Meller

      The only brass band cover of this song ! 🔥 Check out in search tab: Ava Max - "My Head & My Heart" / Groove'n'move feat. Leo P

    25. Lauren M

      You're so beautiful I love your videos

    26. Enigma PL

      ATC- La La La La pozdrawiam kumatych 😀

    27. ambreen fatima

      Great my favorite

    28. Kersani M


    29. Hajnalka Kovács

      Cool video

    30. jordan shumard and Carson


    31. Winter Studios

      I love how she used around the worlds music in the beginning

    32. Jêøn Tasnêmø

      Ok let's add this to my favorite playlist songs..YEp

    33. Chloe Smith

      So catchy

    34. Rhonda Holcomb

      So mutch ppl hate her and look she is 23 AND WE ALL LOVE HER I LOOOOOOVVVEEE HER

    35. SPACEX USS

      how beautiful you are AVA max

    36. Surya Chowdary

      Love you 😍

    37. Hương Phạm

      OMG , hearing this song, feeling so free

    38. Anna Koska

      This is my ffffffffaaaaaaaavvvvvoooooooorrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiitttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee song

    39. sheyen1

      А Сереженьке Жукову денежку за музыку занесли?

      1. Alyona Krayevskaya

        думаю не один миллион)

    40. Daniel Thomasi

      Não consigo parar de ouvir esse hino!!!

    41. Anitah Lejowa

    42. Aggie B

      What the original song that has the exact same melody ??

    43. NOBODY

      stupid song i dont like it.I dont knew that she is singing that song.

    44. Martin Kuthan

      Do you know what girls are most afraid of? ... Rain. Now I remembered the party in Dubnany ... a true story :)

    45. Peet96 L

      Underrated song

    46. Jett Fuentebella

      Lady gaga?

    47. aiRCoft

      RIhanna never sounded so good.

    48. XsNar


    49. Finley Baker

      Am I the only one who noticed she is wearing the same pants in who's laughing now??

    50. Ahmad Rayhand

      DJ kang😋

    51. Russian Battle Rap


    52. Jan Kotz

      Ava Max is so butifull 😍😍

    53. princess aisha sobhy

      Iloveyou #AvaMax❤️

    54. KAKXER


    55. Aleef Cardoso

      Brazil 🇧🇷 2021

    56. Lauren

      Your my favorite singer I’m coming to your concert! ✨🤩

    57. Sara Macias

      It says ava max is the best

    58. F. Denize Soares

      viciada nesta

    59. Rakeb Zerihun

      The sample is a little to obvious but I still love it

    60. da ledez

      Love ur songs QUEEN!! Pop promise

    61. Ludovico Avellino

      The amount of times "La la la" has been sampled in pop songs is unhealthy lol

    62. Amanda

      I absolutely love this woman! I can see influence from so much tho. Lady Gaga, Shakira, Christina Aguilera, Brittany Spears all twisted into her own unique beautiful self! Love this song and definitely gonna check out more of her stuff. 💜🌻

    63. chantelle ross

      Ahh 8 love her songs

    64. Mimi dogs

      I love this song ! I'ts so cool !

    65. sacha thompson


    66. Presian Kalapov

      You want to be a good singer, an icon, however you use old legendary songs to push you up. Fucking pathetic

    67. Benjamin Horton

      I wonder how much of the budget for this song/video was rights from A Touch of Class for this song. Probably not much

    68. キツメ


    69. Rafaelia Georgiadou


    70. TheDark WolfBUL

      music explotion in my heart! :)

    71. R. R.

      Sh e s got a crazy talent this ava max.. I love her!!!!

    72. Aleksandra

      Poland? ❤️ 🇵🇱

    73. azl once

      I like it

    74. nina


    75. nina


    76. nina

      Ilove you baby

    77. Rakshya Neupane

      I love your voice ava🇳🇵

    78. Kelly Mans Vevo

      Lala all around the world lala

    79. Raiko Alive


    80. Theo Kikilas

      Memories from the past .from a good era .90s

    81. g_salgueiro Instagram


    82. Flower vo sac


    83. Joshua Spence

      It’s just like me blowing my school days but up to now I can’t regret it honestly sorry 😢

    84. Rishi Aadhithya

      Inspired by this? vidron.info/club/video/rLXYgL3KzL7MmMw.html

    85. Elizabeth Emi


    86. kawaii chan love

      Omg love this song 🎧

    87. Miguel Mendoza

      Best song ever

    88. Tom Crossley

      Great singer... bit risque but gotta love it!

    89. Ari-Nilla ?

      Her hair is so iconic

    90. Ari-Nilla ?

      She is so underrated

    91. Sara Macias

      I am literally famous and ava max is my idol

    92. Carlos Reamiro

      Because you do not look at this choreography ❤️I love ava vidron.info/club/video/0tK1scadnsXOitQ.html

      1. AnaLaSalvia

        Esta canción merece más reconocimiento

      2. Anita Morales

        Oswall fans supporting this hits

      3. Ana Laura

        These young people are from Mexico 🇲🇽 I had seen their videos before

      4. Fallon Carrinton

        I support Oswall at all times but now I'm also fans of ava Max

      5. Jack Zepeda

        Greetings from New York and look at that Choreography

    93. Dakota Atwood

      Is it possible that anyone can sing like that

    94. Marinelleee Payabyab

      someone's going to make a 2021 version of the towel vine with this song, I can already see it

    95. Mariana Almeida


    96. N G


    97. Lil Manggo🥭

      This song is so good

    98. Mr.Hover

      *tHIS IS original SONG:* vidron.info/club/video/1Mabnc2Y2JbDgLI.html

    99. Pablo Tenreiro