Ava Max - Who's Laughing Now (Live Performance)

Ava Max

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    1. Nela Schopfova


    2. Muqumjon Mamadaliyev

      Who loves Ava Max please like!!! She is the best singer!!!

    3. Diego Ziela

      La increíble ava max. esta mujer si que canta. Debería trascender más 👏👏👍

    4. Meredith Anderson

      Such a beautiful voice!

    5. Lyla RBLX yt

      Ok, she’s like me it’s official

    6. Евгений Иванов

      Щикарррно) Спасибо

    7. Learn with RK Family

      Amazing performance ava

    8. Science n Fun

      Her song: Great Her dance: Great Her hair: Great

    9. Maja Ramiączek

      Jestem twoją najbardziej największą fanką aż nie mogę się dobrze wysłowić jaką wielką

    10. Otto Von Bahnhof

      Nein nein

    11. Otto Von Bahnhof


    12. Wagner Freire

      Give credits to the dancers, name them! Fantastic presentation.

    13. Gaming W GalaxyGal2024

      I HAVE TOO KNOW. Girl do you use auto tune cause I cannot tell, your natural voice sounds the same as it does in music videos

    14. Mohammad Samara


      1. Alan Walker Lyrics

        omg! same

    15. Anna Lamprecht

      Loooveee you so ❤️‍🔥

    16. C.B Domsa


    17. Αγγελικη Ψευτη

      πολύ ωραίο

    18. Angelina Schwarzer


    19. Cristina Ramon

      I know it all

    20. XxblxssomxX

      You can tell she is not lip singing

    21. thiérry barré

      j'adore cette chanson c'est malin je crois que je suis amoureux j'en suis même sûre

    22. Lorena Hamolli


    23. Igor Antal


    24. giorgos hatzis

      Best voice out there

    25. sabina elsaeva

      This girl has such a good voice

    26. LizkaCoala228

      hello from Ukraine !)

    27. Josué Leobardo Moreno Mendoza

      Play in velocity x1.25, is excellent

    28. joss hernan

      Desde que escuché Ava estoy facinado con ella sus canciones son Artee , Difirentes 😍

    29. Rosa Cruz Pérez

      Alguien que sepa cómo se llama lo que trae en el estómago es una faja o que es eso jajaja Quiero comprarlo :v

    30. olgert karafili

      ☀ ❤ 💪

    31. Hà Nguyễn

      I love you Ava Max ❤️❤️❤️💙💙

    32. Kacper Zawadzki

      Pretty Lady. I really like her and her's songs.

    33. Tim Monbrod

      She needs to sing the opening song in the next James Bond Motion Picture ‼️

    34. Rori Gillmore

      This is playback, she does sing live on "iheart radio" if youre interesred

    35. Rori Gillmore

      This is playback

    36. Lolmori007

      The problem I have, it's obviously not live...

    37. SOSCA

      Is not a live. It's a "live" recording in the studio is broadcast to change from the real version

    38. L Green

      The thing is that it's not just her voice that ties it all together. It's the choreography and effects ( if there are any ) and the emotion they put into the song. And this was PERFECT! Everything went together, as per usual. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    39. Cathy Gayton

      Can i sing with you pls i love you I hop I can be like you when i grow up and your 27 I didn't no that

    40. Jian Cheng Gu

      She is the best singer I've ever heard ❤💕

    41. Syah Nazmi

      Can we appreciate that she is wearing sufficient amount of fabrics while performing? She actually sells her pure talents

    42. Andreas Husom

      Hands down for the producer. Sad yet another song is about nothing but sex and female figure. "Live performance"???? More like "recorded a half hour before to avoid autotune problems". Sad singer but good producer. Fuck what this girl says... just sain'

    43. Ashley Moore

      Good song. Will she be the next Lady ga ga?

      1. avatar

        No she is the first Ava max😡😡

    44. blue ice

      Best of the best

    45. Elisangela Vieira da Silva

      QUEEN 🇧🇷🌏

    46. Ilia khosravi


    47. J.C. L.

      does anyone know the names of the two dancers?

    48. Сыргак Жаныбеков


    49. filmes completo e dublado.

      Amei demais essa musica muito lindaa

    50. Сергей Кравчук

      Привет вам, иностранный пипал)))

    51. Basaharc Bakas.M

      Dunai. Pipa. E.k

    52. Basaharc Bakas.M


    53. אריאל נויהוט

      I love you

    54. Jigar Taviyad

      I love her voice

    55. Leticia Paez

      Nice song right.

    56. millie russell

      Love itttt 👍....

    57. Khral Nida-Fozia

      I love this song🤩🤩🤩

    58. John Odei

      2:01 she is not live here

      1. John Odei

        @Leo SMK real what?

      2. Leo SMK


      3. John Odei

        she is saying hey, but her lips are not moving at all...

    59. Jesus Anibal Valeriano Silva


    60. Aurora Kuiper

      Cool cool

    61. Maylyne Mamonong

      I love ALL her songs!

    62. Алексей Козырь

      Классно поет и фигура очень красивая

    63. Fallon Snipe

      so good

    64. Noor Faris moayad Alniamy

      I just listened to this song now and I feel like I want to listen to all of her songs and for ever , she's gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

    65. Liz Garcia

      Queen serving us looks, moves and vocalssssss LOVE HERRRRR

    66. nazrin chan

      Damn..her dance so marvelous

    67. آلا پاد

      I love you very much, I really like you, your voice is great and attractive, and I look very good. I really love you and the band (black &pink). I love you very much. Good luck. I always love you.

    68. Genis Windari

      And i love the laughing

    69. Genis Windari

      She is very sexy and her voice is good💞

    70. Marney Balain

      Oh god her voice,make love all her song is A vibe

    71. Раиса Магомадова


    72. Patrik Šebák

      soo hooot

    73. Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert

      Bonjonr, hi kay I have le Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert ( Girbert Fransis) singer 11/5/1979 love you much horse honey beutiful ava max singer 8/10 , full ava max Trần Vân Thiên Long Girbert ( Girbert Fransis)♥️🇲🇫🇨🇮♥️🤴👸👄❤️

    74. Richard Kingsley


    75. Lenka Hožková



      Lady Gaga:I have the long hair babyyyyyy Sia:I have the short hair babyyyyyyy Ava max:HAHAHAHAH WHOS LAUGHING NOW I HAVE BOTH

    77. Prakash Dayanandan

      i just love kings and queens

    78. Arman Zhanbossov


    79. Om Dash

      Love you Ava you are the best singer 😇

    80. Tony Fält

      Ava Max the Lady Gaga wannabe!! HAHAHA 😂🤣 Queen of playback too!! " Who's lip syncing now "😆😆😆 She's HOT AF though. I'd totally do her!! 🙄😏😁😋😜🤘🏻

      1. Tony Fält

        @Richard Kingsley You do know that Ava Max adores Lady Gaga right??? 🙄😏😁😂🤣😆

      2. Tony Fält

        @Richard Kingsley Calm TF down simp bwoooy!! You will hopefully grow up someday too! HAHA!! 😂😂🤣😆😆

      3. Tony Fält

        @Richard Kingsley Keep on listening to Hits For Kids! HAHA!!! LMFAO!!!! 😂🤣🤣😆😆😆

      4. Richard Kingsley

        @Tony Fält I don't give a f*ck either so stfu and go listen to gaga

      5. Tony Fält

        @Richard Kingsley Lady Gaga may be Madonnas cheap version and Ava Max may be Lady Gagas cheap version! HAHA!! 😂🤣😆 IRDGAF!!

    81. Reflex

      Very good song i like it ava max 😍🥰😘


      People say that Ava max has only human fans. Like if you're a pen.

    83. Hajnalka Mohači


    84. Angeline Arriesgado

      When you can't decide if you want short or long hair✨✨✨so you had both😌😌😌

    85. Moritz Bruckner

      We have to get this to 20 million views

    86. Louise Bateman

      Ava max is amazing She’s From USA

    87. Youssouf Haoulata

      well done

    88. Karin Stuber

      Krass 😎🎸🤟✌️

    89. Krisztina Bakó

      I love♥️

    90. Teo Mavridis

      Ava you must cut your hair Ava: Yes

    91. Assema Mailan

      im love it song but can im wach the vedoe pss im be come back your home

    92. World dryer military Airforce

      Her and Head light (Light head) both did an excellent job singing

    93. jasa perbankan

      отличная песня, мирная из Индонезии

    94. Ewa Giedzicz


    95. _DerLustigeLauch

      the hair: +1

    96. Marcus Johnson

      I hate that haircut

    97. e miranda

      I like her hair it's AMAZING

    98. Mill - bills

      who knows instagram, dancer girls on the right?

    99. Lena Walczak

      Pod cyckiem masz dziure my Poland

    100. Lim An Rui

      Hahaha. She sings well. Speaks the mind of people fighting each other.