Crafting pop anthems with a much-needed dose of fiery female empowerment, Ava Max is a unique new talent, blessed with a seismic voice, an individualistic high fashion mindset, and an undeniable knack for cinematic, theatrical popcraft.

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  1. Carolina Catalán

    Mujer tóxica

  2. mar93_3

    She looks like she dont want the fuking auto tune

  3. Gabe Welsh

    You have now entered the "Good Vibes Zone"

  4. Paula Frick

    I love this song, you go girl.

  5. Axel Estrada


  6. R E B E L W C

    Recién descubrí está canción y se me volvió adicta, ya es mi favorita.

  7. FrozenMJ

    Ok this girl definitely got my attention as soon as I heard ATC Around The World! 😍😍😍

  8. OMG! StarzzZ


  9. Lowen Moran


  10. Myssrt

    Yeee sound feel good

  11. Kaya Meller

    The only brass band cover of this song ! 🔥 Check out in search tab: Ava Max - "My Head & My Heart" / Groove'n'move feat. Leo P

  12. Kaya Meller

    The only brass band cover of this song ! 🔥 Check out in search tab: Ava Max - "My Head & My Heart" / Groove'n'move feat. Leo P

  13. Kaya Meller

    The only brass band cover of this song ! 🔥 Check out in search tab: Ava Max - "My Head & My Heart" / Groove'n'move feat. Leo P

  14. rana sanyal

    anywhere and back , only to hear , every word , every expression of this pure gold , a song to hold onto

  15. DJC MIX

    Uughhh lovely Ava!! 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Lauren M

    You're so beautiful I love your videos

  17. Shasta Trinity

    Oops shes a misfit again lol

  18. Marcin K

    Anyone realised they using electric guitar non connected XD

  19. ćøvĕř műżíķ🎶🎧

    Hello im from turkey and love you so much ava max🙂💕

  20. Aso

    Ava is so underrated

  21. maiko44

    There’s no song of her I don’t like. She’s a real superstar !

  22. Euan Jackson

    Who else can’t help but scream “Oh No!” when the that part of the chorus plays? 😂

  23. Euan Jackson

    Unpopular Opinion: Ava Max is better than the mumble rap bullshit that we have on the charts right now.

  24. Truth Kilcarry

    During the production of this video, all encountered actors and crew were subjected to lethal radiation.

  25. Manuela Rave Murillo


  26. otaku ora zhang🐿️

    صوتها خرااااااااااااااافي دا أقل ما ينقال عنه انها ملكة حقا

  27. Enigma PL

    ATC- La La La La pozdrawiam kumatych 😀

  28. ambreen fatima

    Great my favorite

  29. Guilherme Pereira Sedo

    Me love Birds!

  30. Masken boxer Hosseini

    The best song!!!!

  31. leah clayton

    When she siad l can take myself on a dinner date l was like packing my bags

  32. Kersani M


  33. Rus Turner Music

    Why is this showing on my subscription when I’m not subscribed VIdron?

    1. Mr RED


  34. Lenie Harteveld - Colpa

    This music make me happy its my fovo music

  35. Moumita Mondal

    38sec ❤🥰🥰🥰

  36. Arthur & Friends

    She is like Michael Jackson but in gemale version.

    1. Arthur & Friends


  37. Striker.V.


  38. Community of “Without-music”

    أقوم بتنقيه الاغاني الاجنبيه من الموسيقي علي قناتي علي اليوتيوب؛ I remove background music from songs on my VIdron channel

  39. Mrokokamik145

    Polska ejstescie tu?

  40. Muhammad farid Bin faizan

    Stay strong ava 👍

  41. Silvia-Marie Fuchs

    Myyyy god😍 I freaking love it❤️

  42. tima. Abiev

    Красотка👍, талант 💪

  43. ☆ arixsoftie ☆

    Avatars (thats how ava max's fans are called) , Ava Max never *FAILS* US ON HER SONGS!

  44. lavinia h

    mükemmel müükemmelllll

  45. Farell Stil

    What is Ava's Thing with these earphones I feel like there are in every Video, not that this is bad I just wonder.

  46. Benjamin ritt

    Thanks Ava Max once again for another Great song and Videoclip. Tortured between Dark and Light, your Soul always choose Light !!! I'll always Be There !!!

  47. Zoya Mahmood

    Your talented ha ha who's laughing now 😈one question I'm not a cry baby ok ava or should I say maxwell Your pretty I wish I was you

  48. Hajnalka Kovács

    Cool video

  49. Mabel Cottle


  50. Hajnalka Kovács

    God ise song

  51. Psycho_X U

    This song goes deep in my hearto

  52. jordan shumard and Carson


  53. ufwmyra butterfly

    I love this song it doesn't make feel wrong for being a gurl thatbhas a gf bc im bf

  54. Emi Sky YT

    Has queen

  55. Chenjie Liu-Schubert

    Wow, so a cool song!💕😜🤗😁😍😍😍

  56. İrem Yıldız Ulaş

    let the clip come

  57. joanna wojciechowska


  58. Absa Jalo

    Love 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  59. Winter Studios

    I love how she used around the worlds music in the beginning

  60. Paulina Budzyńska

  61. Jêøn Tasnêmø

    beautiful voice ,beautiful face and beautiful Personality..she is so fine😍💜💜

  62. Ricardo Yordano Gutierrez Zuleta

    este video es morbo total depravacion sexual



  64. Sawaiz YT

    So you are The Rock now or You never cry?

  65. Jêøn Tasnêmø

    Ok let's add this to my favorite playlist songs..YEp

  66. Jeff_the_killer_fan

    I saw that Song in my class couse my teacher dont wanted to do music🐷and i Liked that Song really

  67. AJP beats

    I just came across this girl and realized I love her songs and didnt even know it was her like "Sweet but Psycho" and "My Head & My Heart"! I'm so glad we still have music like this today :)

  68. Heidi Lundin

    Make more love it i here to youre songs when im sad and happy you songs make me sooo happy love yoooou so Much

  69. Michał Michał

    Kto z Polski !!! ?

  70. Sushi The seawing

    Let’s hear it for the girls! :)

  71. ifrad hossain

    Nice Song ava

  72. Veronica Ally

    I like the song everytime I cry

  73. Lyla RBLX yt

    Ok, she’s like me it’s official

  74. Frederic Reid


  75. ALANA

    anyone else getting a Natalie Kills vibe from this song?

  76. Chloe Smith

    So catchy

  77. Tom Dequasie

    She really thinks she did something

  78. Kledson Silveira Silveira

    not your barbie girl

  79. Captain Roger

    Gets better every time